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Planetician Movement & Planetician Projects
FutureAidNow PLANETICIAN was a word I came up with in 1994. It seemed a relevant name to be associated with, or a title for my ideas on Global Climate Control.

It was not until 2001 when I first had use of the Internet that I found the word was first coined in the 1970s. The meaning of the word had similar connotations to the meaning I had given it.
Planetician: "One versed in the science of Planet Earth. If we are ever to discover where we came from and where we are going, the survival of Planet Earth must be at the forefront of everything we do".

That was in 1994. Since then it has turned into more of a principle of how to achieve goals which would enhance our own survival and that of the Earth's eco-system.

The world needs a Global Union, One Planet - One Future, not pockets of countries creating even bigger barriers and continental separation.

"There is no point in today if we can't at least try to guarantee tomorrow." - S.W. Olds
Just imagine sailing a tall ship from the Americas to Europe. The ship and crew hit a storm and the sail and rudder get badly damaged. The sailors would not charge each other money in order to repair the ship. There would be all hands on deck and a safe port would await. Their world would survive - they would survive at no cost.

Planet Earth [Photo: NASA] Our planet is that ship. We are sailing through time and not an ocean. Since our birth as a human species we have slowly evolved into what we are today. It is no one's fault that we have so many problems; they have been created during our long evolution and learning curve. We are very close to technological miracles but our skills as equal humans have fallen way behind.

We started to put value on objects that are rare: Gold, Gems, and - depending on your intelligence, ability, or luck - money. These objects are useless as survival tools: Gold would make a rubbish shovel and paper money would only be good as fuel for fire. This maybe is where we started to go wrong with the distribution of wealth and started to sow the seeds of Greed. Greed has almost been a necessary evil up to now. Many wars have developed technology which has made its way into everyday life. World War 2 brought us radar and microwave for example. Nano Technology is our next new wonder being developed today. We just have to keep a cap on our 'Caveman' instinct for survival and need for material products.

Planetician was not a previously known word Look at the saying: "If money were no object". It really has become a block to a much faster creation. The human race would be so much more advanced if we did not have the barrier of money in our way. Science and technology could race on ahead for the better of humanity. It is not a product which stands in our way on its own, we do not have to go to the moon to get it and we don't have to mine it. A few humans have created the situation where money is a barrier. The thing that money does balance out is the amount of materials, foods, clothes etc that we humans take. We only get what we can afford. This is a part of our society which we need at the present time as greed would cause mayhem to a system without money; then again it has caused mayhem to our system with money.

Getting back to the Planet as 'That Ship'. We need to do some maintenance to enable our stable survival in the areas which we have populated, especially as they are so close to sea level. In the Innovations section of the site you'll find ideas which we could develop to enable this maintenance. Mother Earth won't charge us for the materials and nor should we charge each other for the ideas to be developed. Problems solved for the future problems of the planet. We can carry on our journey of evolution with a little more confidence and also a future vision where money need not exist as a barrier to technological enhancement of the human race.

We have a plethora of available land to sustain many thousands if not millions of people who could live a totally self sufficient life style. We have geothermal, solar, wind and tidal for free energy and a climate which produces all the food and materials we need for a simpler survival method.

This alternative way of living would take pressure off Governments to try and create jobs for people who would want to break from the rat race. People could have the choice of living in the monetary system or in Planetician Projects. Contact your Governments and ask them for this option of living. They need to be part of this and enable the human spirit to be free to live another way on this beautiful planet.

Every person should have the right to choose how they live. The Planetician Projects could give this other option. This way of living would only need the real skills in humanity; farming, construction & maintenance, teaching, the arts, medical, innovating, scientific, IT, engineering, etc. All of these professions contribute to society and do not act like parasites to the negative side of society. This is nothing new; many tribes live like this today except they do not have the possible luxury of heating, running water and a regular food source near to their settlements.

One of the most important benefits that the Planetician Projects would achieve is that it would be an insurance policy for survival. We are at present totally reliant on oil to survive. If it stopped tomorrow we would starve to death in months. That is not a very good thought that the whole human race relies on a 125-year old technology to survive. Once we perfect Nano Technology, we could become reliant on that too. This new technology would be so much more powerful than oil, and if that failed it could be lights out for the human race, apart from the few tribes who have lived off the land for centuries. The Planetician Projects would act as a back up system for survival of the masses. You may not always need your seat belt but it can come in handy sometimes! If the scientists were given the time and funding they could make Nano Technology totally safe for the amazing future it could give us.

Sunrise [Photo: J. Allen] These Planetician Projects would give one vision working for the common goal of equality and survival. Sharing a self cleansing hydro & eco system and food source, the most perfect of spaceships that we could ever dream of. From the birth of evolution to an infinity of innovations and creation, we could achieve our goal of survival of our species and life on this planet.

We have problems, 90% man-made! However, after a few more years of Global Awakening the man-made problems will dissolve into history. A new dawn, scientific development, hope and prevailing of a purer humanity will be a guarantee.

Nature's miracle of life is in every cell of your body. The 70, 80 or more years we get to witness this everyday miracle of life will be so much more fulfilling. The Mayans are right, this is the end of the world, but as REM sang "I feel fine", it is the start of a new beginning, so let's bring it on.

Email and share via social networks to all if you agree and want to be part of Global Awakening, FutureAid and the birth of the Planetician Movement and Planetician Projects. The past we must learn from, the present we must evaluate, the future we must see.

Be safe to all, living and unborn.

Best wishes,
Stuart Olds
Stuart Olds photographed by Dan Bernard
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