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Ideas To Create A Better Place To Live
I FIRST started to invent all sorts of things from around the age of 12.

My first invention was a device to stop young chickens getting maimed or killed by feedlines. There have been many innovations since then.
One of my ideas is the Oldsline Vac-Trak, which the BBC interviewed me about in 2012 after Elon Musk had publicised a similar idea.

I designed Crocs, the leisure shoe in Munich, Germany, in 2000.

"Learning can never be learnt." - S.W. Olds, 2011
THIS IDEA came from when the British Government started to close coal mines in the mid eighties. This led to huge unrest in the mining communities in the UK, where riots and loss of life ensued.

Click to read more I thought about how such a waste of engineering and excavation could be utilised into something else. This could probably help keep the jobs for the miners in similar work in their mines, but turning them into hydro-electricity plants.

The diagrams shown prove that this could have been achieved, and my idea has created a battery. This was explained to me by a professor from Wolverhampton University. I took my idea to Wolverhampton University for them to look at.

As individual energy producers of solar and wind, the public could share in these huge clean batteries rather than very expansive lithium batteries in their homes. Lithium batteries also cause damage as the ore is sometimes mined from rain forests.   READ MORE
THE HOMEDOME 'Bear Pit' project primarily aims to provide shelter and healthcare for homeless people in Bristol, UK.

Click to read more The Dome would occupy a pedestrianised area of central Bristol, and would create an ideal music and arts venue, in addition to laundry facilities, veterinary care and mental health healing.

The catering and general running of the Homedome would be managed by a team that would help the homeless to learn the skills in catering, music and stage services.

The main funding would come from events and the electronic advertising on the exterior lower section of the Homedome.

Homedome would become a 'first stop shop', providing the homeless with essential commodities such as shelter, jobs and healthcare, including mental health.   READ MORE
I THOUGHT up this idea in 1984.

Click to read more I went on a roller-coaster ride which had been really hyped up by the press but it did not live up to the hype in my opinion. I thought how a much better ride would be to have a capsule racing through a tube with video screen images shown to the passengers.

From there my idea progressed to having the capsule float on a cushion of repelling magnets. The cost of this would have been too much for the pleasure ride option but I thought it would make a great transport system.

I used the idea of a train running on repelling magnets inside a tube. The tube would have the air sucked out so there would be no wind resistance.   READ MORE
THIS method of combating sea level rise is a proven idea.

Click to read more It is using the simple action of condensation from moist ground with a membrane barrier above ground to create the condensation. You have all seen polythene lying on the lawn with water droplets forming on the underside. This moisture has been drawn from the ground due to the effect of the daytime heat.

Imagine this condensation system on a monumental scale. Look at the diagram (left) and you will see the idea situated in our coastal desert regions of the planet.

The sea water would be let into subterranean water tables which would be parched from the lack of rains. Once the land is fully saturated the membrane would condensate the moisture and water would gather on the underside of the huge membranes.   READ MORE
YOU may be aware that during our long geographic and volcanic history super volcanoes have erupted.

Click to read more These are massive volcanoes which have almost wiped out life on Earth. Yellowstone Park in America is a huge crater from one of these super volcanoes. Imagine the cross section of earth where Yellowstone is situated, 900 miles from the Pacific ocean.

It is probably impossible but who knows in the future if maybe we could drill beneath the Earth's crust to release the pressure of magma into the Pacific, we could possibly take the pressure off Yellowstone and prevent the threat of extinction.

This is maybe completely impossible to do but never give up hope.   READ MORE
THIS idea is so simple but could save thousands of acres of Amazon rainforest.

Click to read more The rainforest is cleared for the production of beef. Massive areas have been slashed and burned to make way for this farming method.

The Brazilians have the right to farm their land but the forest is an extremely valuable piece of our planet. It provides huge amounts of oxygen and very powerful medicinal plants. It is home to indigenous tribes who live in complete balance with nature.

So to try to keep everybody happy, the farming method needs to change.   READ MORE
THIS idea is not rocket science, but you would need a few rocket scientists and engineers to achieve it.

Click to read more That is, if it is achievable. To place a space craft in an optimum position between us and the sun is, I would imagine, a huge task. But then again, Alexander the Great would have thought a satellite was impossible.

It might just be a matter of time. If we could do this it may just give us the ability to control our weather.

All our weather patterns are driven by the sun and also factors on the planet's surface such as foliage, cloud cover and atmospheric conditions due to us or volcanic activity. By cooling areas of oceans which are hotspots for hurricanes, this would potentially help to prevent the hurricanes becoming super strength.
ONE OF my friends had moved to Hong Kong and had met some guys who had developed a security system for back packs. They now run a very successful travel security company.

Click to read more They asked me to go to a Munich trade show in 2000, to try and promote the Oldski Bag. I went there and met up with the guys. They were both from Australia and they also knew another Aussie who had an outback clothing company. He had a real big chip on his shoulder with the English.

This was my first ever taste of racism or bigotry towards myself, just for being English. He really meant it as he made comments all bloody day.

Anyway, we all went for Pizza that night, I said: "What? I come all this way to Germany and have cheese on toast?" It was just a jibe back at the racist Aussie.   READ MORE
I HAD my first taste of skiing in 1985 with the school. To say I fell in love with it would be an understatement.

Click to read more After a trip to Austria in 1991 where the snow was very poor, I designed the Oldski Bag. I managed to get fifty bags made by a video camera bag manufacturer in Trowbridge, Wiltshire.

I drove to Scotland in 1993 with the van loaded up with Oldski Bags. I slept in the back of the van in the ski resort car parks and tried to sell the bags to shops and skiers in Glencoe, Glenshee, The Lecht and Aviemore.

While driving and getting lost, I came across some very large gates to some sort of country home. There was a local man by the gates, so I stopped and asked him where I was.   READ MORE
THIS IDEA is the only concept that I need to keep under wraps.

Wind Turbine Enhancement System It might just help me make a living, giving me more time to promote the Planetician Principle and Planetician Projects.

If you do happen to work for or own a wind turbine manufacturing company please get in touch. The idea could make the output of the turbine much more profitable.
THE ORIGINS of this idea go back to 1981.

Click to read more My dad was one of the first farmers in the UK to start growing chickens in sheds. This industry has grown into a massive business world wide, supplying the masses with cheap chicken meat.

The feed systems in the early eighties comprised a system which used flat chains and rectangular troughs. These systems caused problems and some young chickens got injured and killed in these feed systems.

I helped my dad design the Chick Flip, which prevented any injuries and contamination in the feed lines.   READ MORE
Stuart Olds photographed by Dan Bernard
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